Avoid a midday crash by staying active at work

After Lunch hours, the afternoon is dragging on, and 5 p.m. seems like a pipe dream. Our first instinct is to step through the remainder of the day like a battle-worn warrior of productivity.

But, afternoon plans with the least energy aren’t going to improve your productivity or understanding. Instead of reaching for energy drinks or simply giving up all hope, try these tips for managing your energy and destroying that 2:30 feeling.

If you want to stay concentrated all day, add activity into your work routine.

Keeping your body active helps your mind focus

However, you choose to stay alert at the office, remember that fostering an active body is one of the most helpful habits to keep your mind moving, too. Mainly when you have a big to-do list, and you’re praying for the evening at 5 p.m.

Look into alternate desk options

Desk chair alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. Standing desks, yoga stability balls for chairs, and sit-stand desks are all options.

With balance balls and other alternative seating alternatives, the idea is to sit actively. When you’re forced to use your core for sitting, abdominal muscles stay active and less pressure is put on the spine. You don’t have to use these contraptions all day, either.

Posture is supreme

Sometimes, it is hard to hold the urge to melt into our chairs. However, slumping over is not going to support you stay awake and be mindful.

It’s easy to forget to sit up straight. Try to set an alarm reminder on your phone or placing a post-it on your monitor. This quick-fix could be the best thing to happen to your mental acuity.

Reorganize your office space

If you alter the way your workspace is structured, you automatically add more activity to your workday.

Reorganize your office to be less convenient by keeping supplies in a separate area or moving your printer across the room. The routine of getting up and walking around will help keep you alert.

Set a timer to recall yourself to move around

This might be the well-known tip for staying productive at work. Every hack in the world won’t be effective when you’re overwhelmed with daily tasks, so try setting daily reminders for yourself to automate your movement.

When you’re slouched over another project in midday, an earlier programmed email or calendar reminder could be a valuable trigger to prompt some desk stretching, exercise, or a quick walk to the water cooler.

Stay active at your desk by stretching

Regular stretching and exercise can help sitting-induced back pain and ease you into greater readiness. Seated leg raises, shoulder shrugs and spinal twists are some options. Standing desk stretching is suggestive and often gives quick relief.

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