Why Your Standing Desk Stuck & How to Fix It

Everyone likes using technology up until it stops running, you are standing desk isn’t running, and you did not like this fact. That fact is the desk has electrical parts; at one point, it’s expected that you undergo a hiccup. The essential issue is that the electric sit-stand desk stops going up or going down, and the desk becomes stuck. 

The object is in the way

You may have something that’s risen above the desk that’s obstructing it from moving upwards. The typical offenders are mounted shelves, cabinets, or artwork.

Many standing desks have a contact detection feature that prevents the desk from catching another safety standard. If it detects an item in the way, the desk will stop moving upwards and then lightly move down, allowing you to remove whatever is in the system.

How to fix this: Review if any things above your desk that may be going in the way, and remove them.

The standing desk lost power supply

This typically occurs for one or two reasons if the desk was temporarily unplugged and plugged back in, OR the outlet lost power supply.

In several cases, when a standing desk lost a power supply and then regains power, it automatically moves into reset mode. While being in reset mode, a sit-stand desk can only travel downwards.

How to fix this: To get your desk to move up, you must perform a manual reset on the desk.

The Smart desk’s legs are uneven

Those legs on a smart standing desk with two or more motors can become a bit unstable. If the devices don’t have an excellent self-locking mechanism, the engine and spindle can turn when it’s thought to maintain their height position. While one motor may shift, the second will either remain still or turn more or less than the first motor. Now, the engines are out of sync, and your desk is uneven.

How to fix this: The desk must do a full reset for the leg to be realigned and even.

Too much weight on the desk

Every height-adjustable desk has a maximum lifting capability. If your desk is trying to raise too much weight, an overload can happen. The desk says, “here is too much work for me to go higher,” and to preserve its components, it shuts off. 

How to fix this: To fix this, transfer some of the weight from your desk. Once you remove enough weight, the desk should automatically turn back on and start running as usual. 

The desk has a lower container stop

A lower box stop is a setting a user performs to reprogram the desk’s minimum height. So, instead of being capable of going all the way down to 24”, you can set the minimum height e to 28”. They manage to prevent disputes between your sit-stand desk and another object.

How to fix that: You will need to change or delete the lower container stop to make the table go up beyond the current setting. To do that, follow the guidance given by the desk’s manufacturer.

Slow motorized lifts

You require to switch from standing to sitting on the fly. Arranging 10-15 minutes for your desk to complete adjustment can put a crimp in your productivity. Your desk’s motorized lift doesn’t need to travel at the speed of light, but it should be as active as you are.

How to fix this: There are now several different styles of standing desk converters that are especially fast and easy to adjust.

Fixing your standing desk can be overwhelming

There are many reasons why your standing desk is getting stuck, and it can be challenging to find the exact way to fix it.

This list may not cover every reason why your sit-stand desk won’t go up or down. The table may not be constructed correctly, or there may be other manufacturing defects.

However, we share the most common conditions and solutions, and you can start checking when you notice that your desk won’t be moving.

Your desk’s manufacturer company or technical support assistance likely goes through this same troubleshooting list that we went through in this blog. Catching these common problems first on your own can either completely solve the problem or help save you time on the telephone with tech assistance if it happens to be a malfunctioning issue.

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